Visiting the South and North of Italy: Sicily and Florence

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It’s been a busy last few weeks to say the least! Last weekend, I flew from Milan to Catania, Sicily, and stayed in Catania for three days. This past weekend, I took the train to Florence for a day trip. I’m including all of my travel details of both trips below!Catania, Sicily: 

Where I Stayed: Best Western Mediterraneo Hotel

What I Did: 

  • Tour of Catania-not the nicest city, but still cool to hear the history of the city)
  • Visited the Local Fish Market in Catania-DEFINITELY A MUST SEE!
  • Relaxed on the beach in Giardini di Naxos
  • Tour of Taormina, a small, quaint town overlooking Giardini di Naxos
  • Hiked Mt. Etna-absolutely gorgeous views, but not for those who are afraid of heights

Where I ate: I was very sick during this trip so I didn’t get to eat that much. However, I would recommend trying the local food such as pistachio butter, almond liqueur, and arancini di roso.

What To Be Prepared For: 

  • Be careful visiting some parts of Catania as there are areas that are not safe, especially at night
  • Pack proper hiking shoes and warm clothing if you plan on visiting/hiking Mt. Etna

Florence, Italy: 

What I Did: 

  • Tour of the city
  • Visited the Galleria dell’Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David
  • Visited the San Lorenzo Leather Market
  • Purchased an authentic, made in Italy leather jacket from Matier (an authentic shop, not the market)

What I Ate: I enjoyed a cappuccino at a local cafe for breakfast and pizza for lunch (you really can’t go wrong with coffee/pizza anywhere you travel in Italy). For dinner, I went to a restaurant called Golden View Firenze. It was right on the canal and was absolutely gorgeous…reasonably priced too!

What To Be Prepared For: 

  • Wear good walking shoes if you opt for the walking tour
  • Be weary of the “leather” in the leather market as some of it is fake/not the best quality

Overall, both of these trips were amazing!

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