I’m Moving to……

The secret is out…I am moving to UKRAINE! After volunteering as an English teacher last summer in a small town outside of Lviv, I decided to apply for a Fulbright to teach English in Ukraine for the year ’19-20. I submitted the application in August 2018 and played the waiting game for eight long months. On April 1, I found out that I was selected as a finalist!

As of right now, I still don’t know where I will be placed. However, I do know that I will be officially leaving in September 2019 for orientation and returning to the States in June 2020. During that period, I will be teaching English to college students, learning about sustainability and small business development, and traveling within Ukraine and around Europe. Although I intend to go back to Italy and visit a few new countries, I plan to spend a majority of my time in my host city and within Ukraine as there is so much to see and learn.

Prior to leaving in September for the Fulbright, I will be volunteering as an English teacher at the same program I completed last summer. I leave June 23 and will be teaching full time from June through July. I am so excited to teach eager students, visit my old students, and spend another summer living simply and learning about a new culture! Over the next few months, I will use this platform to share my simple living and travel tips along with my journeys abroad! I can’t wait for what’s ahead!

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