A Newer Kat’s Guide to Milan: Vegan Edition

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It’s been quite some time since I did one of these posts! Even though I studied abroad in Milan for a year, I went back this time as a tourist and I figured I’d create a guide of where I stayed, where I ate, and what I did. I already wrote a very general post about my favorite things to do in Milan and could write another super long post about Milan, but I’ll try to limit it to what I specifically did on this trip and must-see places! Be sure to also check out my Milan vlog!

Where I Stayed:
As always, I stayed in a hostel. I always opt for a hostel when I’m traveling solo because it’s a great place to meet other solo travelers who are doing the same thing as you. There are a ton of misconceptions about hostels and I think people often fear them which shouldn’t be the case. For this particular trip, I stayed in Ostello Bello right in the heart of Milan. I loved my stay because it was only a 10 minute walk from the Duomo, it offered free breakfast and dinner, had a garden on the roof, and it was a really social environment with a lot of activities (some hostels don’t offer any activities like tours, etc.). The only downside is that it was a bit expensive at $50 a night for a bed in an 8 bed female dorm. Of all the cities and countries I’ve visited, this the MOST I’ve ever paid for a hostel. However, I think the amenities were well worth the cost! Lastly, I would recommend booking on Hostelworld which is where I always book my hostels!

Where I Ate:
Eating was a little different for me this time around because this was the first time I’d traveled internationally being 100% vegan. While I was living in Milan last year, I was still transitioning to veganism so I usually cheated when I went out to eat. That being said, I had to make more of an effort this trip to find vegan food.

Restaurants and cafes:

  • Macha Cafe – the cutest little cafe with vegan options
  • Fancy Toast – delicious avocado toast and beet hummus
  • Fruteiro do Brasil – yummy acai bowls and smoothies
  • Temakihno – literally the BEST sushi ever and I crave it all the time
  • Flower Burger – vegan burgers
  • Pizzaria Sibilla – one of my favorite local restaurants for Italian food
  • Riva Reno – vegan gelato

I also recommend checking Happy Cow for all vegan/vegetarian listings when you travel!

What I Did:
I didn’t do as many touristy things in Milan since I had previously done those things. Instead, I spent some time walking around my favorite spots in the city including the Castle, Duomo, Brera, and Navigli.

If it’s your first time in Milan I recommend seeing:
1. Duomo (inside and the top + Mass if you can!)
2. Galleria (enjoy a coffee and people watch!)
3. Navigli Canals
4. Armani Museum 
5. 10 Corso Como 
6. Streets of Brera 
7. Sforza Castle 
8. Arco della Pace 
9. UniCredit Building (I’m at a viewpoint on top of a building close by the Unicredit Building in this photo)

What to Be Prepared For:
Milan is a very diverse, metropolitan city so most people speak English. However, it would be culturally thoughtful to learn a few basic Italian phrases. As always, be careful of pickpocketers!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my posts about Cagliari! <3

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