Thoughts on Chasing Your Dreams

I came across this quote a few weeks ago, shared by my blogger friend Sami at Sweet Blog of Mine and it has stuck with me.

If you skimmed through the quote, scroll up and read it again slowly.

Now read it a second time.

Did you dream of a certain place? Did you dream of the life you wish you were living? Did you dream of someone you want to be spending it with?

As you know from this video, I spent the last month working at the Everlane ReNew Pop-up in NYC. I loved speaking to customers about plastic pollution, learning about a major player in the sustainable and ethical fashion world, and meeting like-minded people. But, when I read quote, I dreamed about the days I spent watching the sunset in Milan talking about my passions and crazy ideas with my roommates and now best friends…the days I booked flights to the cheapest places I could find which led me to countries I would have never traveled to otherwise, places like Romania and Bulgaria…the days I spent walking through the woods and listening to the guitar under the stars in Ukraine…the days I drew sketches of my future sustainable clothing brand and wrote mock speeches that I would give someday. That’s the hope and the version of myself I can’t and won’t give up on.

So yes, I ended my current contract despite societal pressures to stay at my job. I don’t believe we’re meant to be on this planet to work endless hours and let our dreams stay in the background, just wishing they would magically come true someday. I’m not going to wish about my dreams. I’m going to bring them to life regardless of what other people think and what society is telling me I should be doing. I’m going to continue with my vintage shop @withlovebyank, I’m going to book one-way tickets and go where my heart is calling me, I’m going to teach English somewhere in the world, I’m going to learn the guitar, and most importantly, I’m going to keep dreaming.

Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on your hope, and don’t give up on the life that you want to live.