My Low Waste Vegan Graduation Party + Tips for an Eco-Friendly Party

This weekend I celebrated my graduation by having a low waste vegan party! I was on the fence about having a low waste vegan party since most people have a preconceived notion of what vegan food is and are not familiar with the “zero waste” movement. However, I ended up deciding to just go for it and I’m so glad that I did! 
In order to plan for the party, I started by creating a menu which included appetizers, dinner, and dessert (I’ll list it below). After creating the menu, I made a list of what we needed and separated it by produce, bulk items, canned goods, and everything else. For the produce, my brother and I went to the farmer’s market and bought all of the fruits and veggies for the party without plastic. I used my reusable produce bags and tote bags so that I didn’t have to use any plastic bags (#plasticsucks). I like going to the farmer’s market because most produce doesn’t come wrapped in plastic! In total, the produce only cost about $50. Although none of it was organic, it was still a step in the right direction. 
The next step was to go to the grocery store for bulk items, canned goods, and everything else. Normally I go to Whole Foods, however I knew it would be too pricey for the party if I’m being honest. Instead, I went to Fairway Market which is similar to Whole Foods. There, I bought rice and coconut flakes from the bulk section, a few cans of chickpeas and sauce, and the rest in packaging. I tried to buy all of the packaged products in glass, paper, or aluminum to support a circular economy. However, this wasn’t feasible for items that only came in plastic like veggie burgers, buns, sprouts, chips, and pita bread. Normally, I would not buy anything in plastic. However, this was an exception since I needed to be more flexible for the party and cater to different preferences. This grocery haul cost about $140. 
After buying all of the food, I realized I needed to buy compostable plates, cups, and bowls since we didn’t have enough real dishes for all of the guests to use. Another great option would have been to purchase secondhand plates, cups, and bowls from Goodwill since they’re usually affordable. You can always donate them back if you don’t want them to clutter your home after the party. I’ve also heard of having a BOYP – bring your own plate – party where all your guests bring their own dish! Either option is a great alternative to using disposable plates that end up in a landfill. In terms of silverware, we had enough real forks and spoons so we just used those! All napkins, plates, cups, and bowls were composted. (:
I said I’d get back to the menu so here we are! 
Appetizers: Hummus w/ Pita Chips, Guacamole, Mixed Veggies (bought in bulk and then cut), Vegan Garlic Bread (toasted with nutritional yeast and oil), Olives, Grilled Zucchini (also bought in bulk then grilled), Marinated Mushrooms, Mango Bean Salsa
Dinner: Impossible Burgers and Boca Veggie Burgers on Buns, Pasta Salad w/ Artichokes and Sun-dried Tomatoes, Corn on the Cob, Salad w/ Strawberries, Oranges, and Cherry Tomatoes, Potato Salad, Vegan Coleslaw 
Dessert: Banana Nice Cream (Cherry, Chocolate PB, and Chocolate), Vegan Raspberry Tart, Assorted Fruit (bought in bulk then cut) 
*If you want any of the recipes, message me on Instagram @anewerkatintown!

In order to reduce waste, I set up three bins: compost, recycles, and trash. I labeled each one with instructions so that guests would know where to put what. All food, plates, bowls, cups, and napkins were composted. All plastic soda, wine, and beer bottles were recycled. All other items that couldn’t be composted or recycled were placed in the trash bin!

By shopping from bulk, purchasing items that were mostly in paper, aluminum, or glass, and composting, all 25 of us only created about one jar of trash which I couldn’t be happier about! If you’re having a party soon, here are some tips for having an eco-friendly party:

  • Don’t be afraid to live out your values (i.e.: veganism, zero waste, etc.) 
  • Shop from the bulk section to avoid plastic and excess packaging 
  • Buy produce naked or use reusable produce bags 
  • Don’t tell people you’re having a vegan party (unless you want to), just let them enjoy the vegan food! 
  • Buy compostable or secondhand dishware 
  • Let go of the idea of having a perfect zero waste party…trash happens 
  • Have fun!!!!