How I Became a Morning Person + Checklist for a Successful Morning

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with a new morning routine in an attempt to achieve my New Year’s resolutions of becoming a morning person and increasing my productivity as much as I can each day. 
First things first, I am NOT and never have been a morning person. I used to cringe at the thought of waking up earlier than 8 AM. Even the thought of waking up that early made me nauseous! I hated it so much that I would literally snooze my alarm for my 8:30 AM classes until the point where I would have to jump out of bed, throw some clothes on, and run to class. Aside from waking up for those early classes, I also dreaded waking up for 6 AM flights during my time abroad. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than grateful to have the opportunity to travel, but I felt sick to my stomach having to wake up at 5 AM or earlier. 
Through this and other examples, I noticed that I could only wake up early when I was being motivated by an external force (work, travel, etc). So last semester, I did what any crazy person would do and I willingly accepted a babysitting job at 7:30 AM, Monday-Friday. I did this because I knew it was the only way that I would get out of bed earlier than I needed to for class. By taking this job, I started waking up at 7 AM every day, however I did so begrudgingly. 
I was determined to change this attitude starting in 2018 so again I did what any crazy person would do and I began setting my alarm for 6 AM, an hour earlier than I needed to get up for babysitting.I also started putting my phone on the other side of my bedroom so I had to physically get out to bed to turn off my alarm. I wasn’t happy waking up even earlier than I needed to, but I pretended like I was until I slowly began to actually enjoy waking up that early. Yes, I can’t even believe those words just came out of my mouth…I enjoy waking up at 6 AM. It’s like that saying, you have to fake it until you make it. I faked it, and I made it. 
Aside from taking a job that required me to wake up early, I also started doing other things made waking up at 6 AM more enjoyable and allowed me to have a successful and more productive morning. These included the following: 

In conclusion, I am more than happy to call myself a morning person. I love getting up early because it allows me to start my day with a smile on my face and I now have so much extra time to do the things I love doing like writing, reading, and accomplishing my other New Year’s resolutions. Do you like waking up early? If so, what are some things that have helped you wake up early and have a successful morning?

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