Sneak Peak of My Office and What I’ll Be Using It For

Thrifted Tee // Previously Owned Jeans //

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there have been a lot of additions associated with A Newer Kat in Town over the last few weeks. I’ve started writing my first eBook as well as officially launching my Youtube Channel. Aside from these additions, I have been keeping a few more secrets over the last few weeks including the reveal of my office and what I’ll actually be using this office for. If you missed that I created an office over Christmas break, check out this post before reading further.

First things first, I am saving my official office reveal for a few more months as the finishing touches are not yet complete. I still have to refurnish some secondhand furniture and buy some plants. It only seems fitting that my vegan, earth-loving self should have some plants in my office, haha! The rest remains a secret. However, as you can see in the sneak peak pictures above, I have added a clothing rack (HINT, HINT) which brings me to my second point.

Upon graduating from Villanova University in May, I will be utilizing this office to blog full-time, write my eBook, create videos for my Youtube channel, and most importantly, run my secondhand Etsy shop! I will be launching my shop, With Love By A Newer Kat, at Villanova’s Love the Skin You’re In Fashion Show in less than one week from today! I have been curating and re-designing thrifted pieces for months and am so excited to launch this collection (I’m smiling so much writing this right now). The mission of With Love By A Newer Kat is to prove that secondhand fashion can be just as trendy and glamorous as fast fashion, without the harmful side effects of pollution, unsafe working conditions, and such. I want to continue to inspire individuals to treat what they wear with love, others with love, and the world with love. I can’t wait for you all to continue to follow along on this crazy adventure, and thank you for always supporting my dreams!