Life Update – From Living in the Past to Saying “Yes”

Taken laying on the floor in my new office! (:

It’s been a while since I wrote a life update on here. A lot has happened in my life, especially the last 30 days! Before I delve into these specific days, I wanted to rewind to the start of my fall semester in August. After a summer working long hours at S’well and being too busy to really think about abroad, I found myself utterly lost when I arrived back to Villanova University. I never fit into the culture at Villanova, as I find being surrounded by privilege to be absolutely appalling. However, to my dismay, I found that I not only didn’t fit in as before, but I actually felt like I stood out. This could be because I wore clothes that stuck out in a sea of coral-colored Vineyard Vines pants and Bean Boots, or because I had picked up new ways of doing things while I was abroad. Regardless, I realized that I had to change my attitude and truly focus on what I wanted to make out of my last college year. This sounded easy on paper, however, I often found myself spending hours alone, dreaming of Milan and the friends I made there instead of making plans and living in the present. I even booked a flight to Milan my first day of classes! While there was nothing innately wrong with dreaming of Milan, there was something wrong with living in the past. A few weeks passed as I applied to jobs and interviewed at big fashion houses hoping this would ease my heartbreak with Milan. However, my dismay still continued. It’s like I was searching for the next big thing, the thing that society and Villanova was guiding me towards, rather than what I knew to be true in my heart.

Flash forward to December 15, almost 30 days ago. I finished my last exam of the semester, turned down corporate interviews, and told myself I would spend the next 30 days only saying “YES” to opportunities that fueled my passions and dreams, allowed me to live in the present, and would allow me to one day be closer to the life I lived in Milan. Let me tell you…it’s been some of the most challenging and rewarding 30 days of my life!


  • envisioned an office in my house where I could blog, vlog, write, and inspire others
  • learned how to remove wallpaper (who knew water and softener could work magic?)
  • learned the difference between eggshell finish and semi-gloss paint
  • painted for over 80 hours
  • watched my office vision start coming to life (still in awe!!!!)
  • taught myself how to knit a sweater
  • read the most powerful books I’ve ever read – Minimalism and Everything That Remains
  • prioritized relationships by getting coffee with old and new friends
  • started writing my first book
  • witnessed my father turn 93-years-old (yes, you read that correctly)
  • minimized 3/4 of my wardrobe
  • questioned God and prayed (a lot)
  • had my heart skip a beat from someone who used to be a big part of my life
  • laughed like a little kid, the kind of laugh where your belly hurts
  • attempted to discern the feeling I get from traveling and the feeling of falling in love
  • decided I would no longer pursue anything that didn’t make me 100% happy

Cheers to the last 30 days, and cheers to all that 2018 is going to bring!