How to Respond to “You’ve Changed a Lot”

Left Picture: Taken 3 week ago
Right Picture: Taken 5 years ago

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had many people tell me, “You’ve changed a lot”. When I first started receiving this comment, I didn’t know if I should interpret it positively or negatively. I knew in my heart that I had made positive changes to reflect my true self (which is always changing by the way). However, I was getting a lot of negative stares and facial expressions associated with this comment, whether these stares were a reaction to my fashion or sustainability choices, I’m not sure. Regardless, I’ve received this comment enough that I’ve finally formulated a simple, yet powerful response…”I sure hope I changed!”. I say this because I sure as hell hope I changed after no longer spending hundreds of dollars to get my nails done, tan, and whiten my teeth, getting heartbroken one too many times, mourning the loss of my beloved brother, living in a foreign country for 9 months, traveling to a total of 20 plus countries (5 of these solo), and transitioning to veganism. To me, if you’re not changing and growing, then you’re not living. To expand on this topic, I recommend reading this article by The Minimalists.

If you ever receive this comment or a similar one, as long as the change you made is positive, reflects your true self, and makes the world a better place, then I encourage you to own it and say, “I sure hope I changed!”