What I’m Doing This Week With the $30 I Used to Spend Weekly on Coffee (pt. 2)

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Today, I’m happy to share with you Part 2 of my new series, “What I’m Doing With the $30 I Used to Spend Weekly on Coffee”. This week, instead of buying coffee at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, I spent $30 on Christmas toys for a child in need. I did my best to find toys that were still fun, but not wrapped in plastic or made of plastic. My heart is filled with joy knowing my money put a smile on a child’s face, rather than supporting corporate companies who create tons and tons of waste.

I challenge and encourage each of my readers to do the same: give up buying coffee this week and purchase toys for a local Christmas toy drive. I’m sure there are plenty of toy drives at your local church or community center. That $30 you usually spend on coffee can buy about 3-4 toys for some of the many children who won’t have gifts this Christmas without someone like you.

Join me and let’s do good this holiday season.