Minimalist & Zero Waste Gift Ideas

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If you’re searching for some last minute gifts, I’m here to help! This year, I bought minimalist and zero waste gifts for family and friends that were focused on making their lives more sustainable and happier, or allowing them to have new experiences. My goal was to rid Christmas of the materialist association that it has developed in recent years. That being said, most of the following gifts do not focus on materialism and can even be made or bought immediately if you’re in a time crunch:

  • Amazon Gift Card – I like the idea that someone can buy whatever they want or need with this option so that they don’t receive something that will end up in a landfill.
  • Groupon Tours – There are many amazing Groupon tours, restaurants, and travel options that are offered at a steep discount.
  • Micro Loans – This is one of my favorite gift ideas because you are supporting a real person starting a business that will allow them to support themselves and promote economic growth in their community.
  • DIY Gifts – I made a few different DIY zero waste gifts including lotion and chapstick (blog post coming soon).
  • Coupon Book – I made two coupon books this year dedicating my time to the person that I’m giving them to (I used Canva to make them).
Do you have any creative, minimalist gifts you’re giving this year? For more inspiration, check out this video from The Girl Gone Green!