2 Must-See Netflix Documentaries: True Cost & Minimalism

If you know me personally, you already know that I don’t own a TV and I don’t have a subscription to Netflix as I value experiencing the beauty of life and traveling rather than spending my time binge-watching shows. However, I recently subscribed to Netflix for the one-month free trial for the sole purpose of watching the following two documentaries: Minimalism and The True Cost.

1. Minimalism: I used to be the girl who went shopping online once a week and always had the biggest wardrobe out of all of my friends. However, when I was abroad, I realized I didn’t need all that “stuff” as I found myself wearing the same mom jeans and white t-shirt multiple times a week. During this time, I was experiencing more to life than I had ever experienced, and through all of these experiences, I realized that all my “stuff” no longer made me happy. In fact, all along it was actually giving me a false sense of happiness and fulfillment. After this realization, I began making small changes to my lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until after watching Minimalism that I made a drastic change. I went through EVERY item that I owned, and truly thought about its use in my life. This resulted in me selling and donating about 2/3 of my belongings. Now I can focus on what really matters in my life. That’s the beauty and power of this documentary. 
2. The True Cost: If you ever wonder why I constantly talk about how horrible the fast fashion industry is, this documentary will explain the many reasons why. In fact, it actually made me cry. I felt so disgusted at myself for falling into the trap of buying cheap clothes and contributing to the horrible lives of the people making these clothes. When you see a factory-working mother having to send her child off to another city to be cared for so she can work for ridiculously long hours and not get a living wage, I bet you will think twice about buying a $10 shirt from H&M or Zara ever again. 
Let me know if you watch either of these documentaries and your thoughts on them! If you want any other suggestions, I recommend A Plastic Ocean and Chasing Coral!