What I’m Doing With the $30 I Used to Spend Weekly on Coffee (pt. 1)

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As the holidays are approaching, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful I am for all I’ve experienced the last two years…I’ve had the opportunity to live in 4 countries, and travel to 20 others. Through these experiences, I have learned valuable lessons that ignited me to change my lifestyle to veganism, minimalism, and conscious consumerism. That being said, the holidays will be very different for me this year. I want to give back in ways I haven’t made an effort to in previous years. Now that I don’t spend $30 a week on coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks, I have an extra $30 in my wallet. This week, that $30 went to purchasing 30 cans of organic, vegan food for a Thanksgiving Food Drive at Villanova University. That’s right…ORGANIC and VEGAN. I believe that the people who will be eating this food deserve the same quality of food that I personally believe is best for my own health. So yes, these cans cost slightly more. However, I bought extra cans to make up for the cost difference. That’s equality my friends, and that’s what I believe is right.

I challenge and encourage each of my readers to do the same: give up buying coffee this week and donate food to a local Thanksgiving Food Drive. That $30 you usually spend on coffee can buy about 30 cans of food for some of the 45 million Americans who will go hungry this Thanksgiving.

Join me and let’s do good this holiday season.