My Sustainability Journey: Veganism, Slow Fashion, and Zero Waste

Thrifted Sweatshirt // Old Jeans // 
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that there have been some major changes in my life over the last six months which include switching to a vegan lifestyle, only buying sustainable clothing, and becoming zero waste. What motivated me to make these changes? 
I transitioned to veganism during my second semester abroad in Milan. I had previously been vegetarian for about 5 years, and had taken a break from vegetarianism whiling studying abroad in China, and then Milan first semester in 2016. However, I absolutely hated how I felt during these months; I was bloated and even gained about 10 pounds. I knew I had to make a change so I dedicated one of my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions to becoming vegan. Aside from health reasons, I was also motivated to make this change due to my passions for animals rights and sustainability. In summary, this transition took me about five months to complete, and was eased by the abundance of fresh food and produce available at farmers’ markets in Milan. I will dedicate an entire post to transitioning to a vegan diet soon! 

Slow Fashion: 
I was motivated to become an advocate for slow fashion after continuing to cultivate my passion for sustainability while interning at S’well Bottle this summer. As an online sales intern, I was required to research sustainable online brands and pitch S’well to them. Through this research, I began to realize that there were many other sustainable options for clothing, and my eyes were opened to the horrors of the fast fashion industry. I haven’t looked back since and don’t plan to shop at fast fashion stores ever again. Now, I buy almost all of my clothing used from Goodwill which saves my wallet and the environment! 

Zero Waste: 
This is the most recent lifestyle transition I have made in my life. While studying abroad in Milan, I became adjusted to a lifestyle that produced very little waste. In our apartment (consisting of seven girls), we were required to have five separate trash cans: trash, plastic, glass, paper, and compost. Through this, we only produced about one garbage bag of trash per week! I knew I wanted to continue this lifestyle when I returned back to the States, so it only made sense for me to officially become trash-free. Besides a few additional changes since then, like shopping in bulk and making my own beauty products, this lifestyle is no different than the lifestyle I lived in Milan!
In conclusion, the goal of each of these transitions is to become more sustainable, reduce my carbon footprint, inspire others, and ultimately to continue to experience all the beauty that the world has to offer for many years to come!