NYFW – Chasing and Achieving Your Dreams

*I will not endorse this outfit as these pieces were items I had and/or aren’t sustainable.
This month, I had the opportunity to attend my first NYFW, and what a dream it was! Ever since I attended Vogue’s Fashion Night Out during Milan Fashion Week last year, I vowed to myself that I would attend a runway show during NYFW. Let me tell you, achieving this goal was not an easy journey to say the least. I thought about quitting more times than not. In the many months leading up to NYFW and prior to the transition of my blog, I was forced to reflect on what I really wanted out of this life, and how this platform was allowing me to achieve those dreams. I realized that what I spent long nights dreaming about was not being portrayed on my blog, and that’s the very reason why I felt like quitting. What I really wanted out of life and this platform was to fight for a bigger purpose, to make decisions each day that reflected my passions, and to be an inspiration to others to follow their dreams. On the surface, I successfully attended NYFW by spending hours researching and emailing PR agencies. However, and much more importantly, I attended NYFW by being my authentic self, following my dreams, and inspiring others to do the same. You can bet that I’ll continue to do this each and every day until next year’s NYFW! 
So, I’ll leave you with this…dare to dream, and dare to achieve those dreams