Smiling – My Favorite Accessory

Photography by Rebecca Greff
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This summer, I had the opportunity to intern in New York City. With this commitment came a daily commute of three hours. During my first week, I was eager to go to work and smiled at my fellow commuters at I got on and off the train. However, I quickly noticed that this smile was almost never returned. As each week passed, I found myself getting caught up in this negativity so much so that I actually became the commuter who didn’t smile back! On one of my most negative days, I went to get my usual Dunkin Donuts coffee (w/ almond milk of course #vegan), and as the barista handed me my coffee, he said, “You should smile more often, your smile is gorgeous“. From that day forward, my smile returned and became my favorite accessory.

So do me a favor…go smile, and while you’re at it throw on a cute, sustainable outfit too.