Life Update + The Transition of “A Newer Kat in Town”

Photography by Abigail Grinberg
Tulle Skater Dress (added black shirt underneath) //
 Similar Levi’s Jackets here // White Converse // 
Similar Crossbody here // 
After a very long break from blogging, I am finally back and happier than ever! Over the last few months, I have detoxed from social media in order to focus on living life in the present and determining the future of where I want to go and how I want to transition “A Newer Kat in Town” with me. Having lived abroad and traveled to 23 countries over the last year, I have changed as a person. I have discovered new passions and interests that now include photography, sustainability/environmentalism, thrifting, veganism, and learning a new language. It only makes sense that both my style and blog changed alongside me! The best representation of this change can be viewed in my Beneath the Mask post. That being said, in order to best represent these changes, there will be some updates on “A Newer Kat in Town”. 
Here’s what you can expect: 
  • Sustainable Fashion & Beauty – From this point forward, I am no longer shopping or accepting partnerships from “fast fashion” companies. I am now shopping at thrift stores and sustainable brands, and will be doing heavy research on where and how my clothes/beauty products are made. Of course, this will be a slow transition as it is unrealistic and wasteful for me to discard the entirety of my current wardrobe. For future posts, I will be posting sustainable alternatives in the “SHOP THE POST” widget below. 
  • Personal Content – I have experienced a lot in my short 21 years…living in 3 countries, having a 92-year-old father, being the youngest of 12 siblings, losing my brother to cancer when I was only 20, being heartbroken, and transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Through these experiences, I’ve learned how to live and love life, and would love to share my honest journey and advice with you. This means more lifestyle content and substance to my posts! 
  • Emphasis on Natural Beauty – I am 100% embracing my natural self which includes using minimal makeup & eliminating the hair straightening/curling (as you can see from my pictures above). I want to promote body positivity and self-love, and in doing so, help you love yourself for exactly who you are! 
  • Quality Pictures & Consistent Posts – I will now be working with a professional photographer for all posts in order to bring my visions to life in the best way I possibly can. Additionally, you can expect a new blog post 1-2 times per week. 
At the end of the day, my goal for this blog is to bring you sustainable fashion & beauty inspiration, as well as lifestyle advice on how to be the best version of you. Thank you for all your support and I hope you all continue to follow my journey!