Milan Streetstyle + #girlboss 101

Photography by Abigail Grinberg
Wearing Philosophy by FrontRowTribe // 
She wears red lipstick and pumps that exude confidence. She walks with her shoulders back, an extra button undone on her crisp white shirt. She kisses the air before speaking words from her soul. She knows how to make an entrance even when she leaves. She’s a strong cup of coffee in a world thriving off cheap wine and love. She knows her dreams are bigger than most, but nothing will stop her from achieving each and every single one of them. She’ll be your worst enemy if you try to outsmart her with your foolish games. She frightens people because she doesn’t need anyone to validate her in this world. She walks in a field of beauty, not competing to be seen or heard, but commanding the attention of all those who encounter her. It’s her world, and no one’s going to stop her from succeeding beyond the radiance of the stars. That girl, she’s me, she’s YOU. 
I am perfectly me and I want you to join me. I want you to be a girl boss. I want you to show the real you, the you beneath the layers. I want you to have the confidence to be YOU 

How can YOU be a girl boss? 
  1. Walk the walk, talk the talk. Throw on a pair of heels and have confidence in yourself. Even if you don’t feel like you have confidence, act like it.
  2. Show the real you by highlighting your natural features, there’s nothing more sexy than your   natural beauty. 
  3. Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re up to, and it makes you feel good too.
  4. Work, work work, and then work some more. Stay up ’till 3AM if it means being one step closer to accomplishing your goals. 
  5. Surround yourself with other girl bosses who enhance and support your dreams. (Shout out to my SC Sisters!)
Now get out there babe, and go show the world what exactly what you’re made of.