Week 1 Recap-Shanghai, China

Hello from Shanghai! Week one is officially over….an exhausting one for sure! This week was filled with many “firsts”..figuring out how to order food, taking Mandarin lessons, finishing class, navigating the subway, and getting many strange stares from the locals. Nonetheless, it was still a good week. My favorite part of the trip so far is exploring new places in the city. So far I went to the Gardens, East Nanjing Road, People’s Square, and the Bund (the pictures above were taken at People’s Square). Although I’m getting used to the city already, I’m definitely not used to EVERYONE staring at me and even taking pictures of me. It’s the funniest thing. We are like celebrities here! Tomorrow I start my internship with Mr. Monkies, a customizable sneaker company. Look them up on Instagram…they’re so cool!! I’ll be sure to update you after my first day!