Happy Monday! This weekend, I went to Disney Shanghai. The park just opened three weeks ago so everything was brand new. What a magical day it was! I got to the park around 1 PM because I didn’t want to fight the crowds when the park opened. I went with a friend from class so we walked around for a few hours taking in all the new sights and taking pictures with the Disney characters. We opted not to go on any rides because the wait for each line was 1-3 hours long! Instead, we went to a few shows…Lilo & Stitch and Tarzan. Both of these shoes were in Chinese so it was interesting to pick up on the differences, but most of the time I actually didn’t know what was going on! Haha! After dinner, we went to the firework show at the castle and left around 10 PM. This was the BEST part of the day! I loved it and would recommend going if you’re ever in China.